Directions To K Dock


Navigate to 250 Figuroa St., Monterey, CA

Traveling south on Highway 1:

1. SOUTHBOUND HIGHWAY 1... Take the Pacific Grove/Del Monte exit in Monterey, staying on Del Monte and continue toward the downtown section of Monterey.  Be careful not to take the Del Monte exit in Seaside.

2. After you pass the McDonald's restaurant on the left you will see a large sign on the right which identifies Fisherman's Wharf (Figuroa St.).  Make a right.

3. You will be going toward wharf #2.  Before actually going on the wharf make a left into the parking lot area (L,M,N,O & P lots).  You will see a large, two story building with Sapporro's restaurant on the 2nd floor (to the left of the wharf).  You may see the small K dock sign (see picture below).  You won't see the actual dock without walking over and looking over the railing.  You may or may not see Sanctuary at the dock depending on if you are early or we are a few minutes late (rare).  If you wish, you may temporarily stop in the drive near the K dock sign to unload any gear before parking.


Misc. Info.

When paying for parking, pay for ample time so as not to be rushed.  You might even want to enjoy visiting Fisherman's Wharf, at the end of your charter, before vacating your parking space. 

If you are prone to motion sickness, even a little, please use motion sickness remedies.  Don't subject yourself (and fellow passengers) to hours of misery.  If you do get seasick, rest assured we will be compassionate and understanding, as we continue the charter.


K dock sign


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