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1-866-737-DIVE (3483)



Rates And Information


$86  -   Two Tank Standard Trip     (Two steel 85 c.f. air tanks, add $20)   


  Drinks & snacks included. Morning trip boards at 7:30 & afternoon trip at 1:30. No refunds within 72 hours of boarding time (unless we can fill your spot).

Tanks, weights, and equipment rental

Air tanks are available on request for $10/per tank rental. They are steel 85's and are convertible for either DIN or K valve. Nitrox is available for $15 per tank with advance notice. Weights and belts are available with advance notice. We don't rent any other equipment. For rental shops in Monterey, click the link at the bottom of this page-'Other Monterey Dive Boats and Dive Shops'. However, keep in mind that, if you are renting equipment from a dive shop and are on one of our afternoon charters, we may not be back in time to return your rental equipment on the same day.

Different boarding times, days and trips

Other types of trips can be arranged with different boarding times, more or fewer dives, night dives, tech dives, etc. We like doing different type trips so call or email with your questions!


Guided Dives
Cold water diving can present new challenges to divers unfamiliar with it.  Our crew aboard Sanctuary can give you a lot of helpful information
regarding some of those challenges, whether it be questions or concerns regarding diving in/near kelp, navigating in reduced visibility, and other
challenges unique to cold water diving.  Often, with just a little briefing from out crew before the dive, divers unfamiliar with cold water diving
are able to dive with us with no other assistance.  HOwever, for an additional charge you can have a divemaster guide the dive(s) for yourself or
your group.  (This should be arranged in advance of the trip).  This may be a great opportunity for divers that, for various reasons, are hesitant
 to dive Monterey.  The divemaster will be able to assist with navigating and possibly find and identify things you may not otherwise be familiar
with.  He/she may also be able to provide other information or assistance before and during the dive. However, a Guided Dive is not a refresher 
If many of your scuba skills are in need of tuning up, this should be arranged with an instructor.  


Equipment Rental

Directions to Boarding Dock (`K' Dock aka Yellow Boat Dock) in Monterey


Download Waiver Form (and save yourself time on the day of the trip!)





1-866-737-DIVE (3483)

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Sanctuary anchored at Stillwater Cove, Carmel.



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